Albany South End

History and Archaeology in Albany’s South End: Recent Investigations

The work of the archaeologists at these sites was performed at the request of Omni Housing Development, LLC.  The archaeological project was carefully designed to recover information important to the history of the South End prior to construction in Phase 3 of Albany’s South End Revitalization, a project of the Albany Housing Authority.

History and Archaeology in Albany’s South End, Part 2: The Late 19th Century Households at 15 Alexander and 70 Broad Streets

Broad Street, 2012.  Three teen boys made their way up Broad Street.  Jay said good-bye to his friends at Fourth Avenue and continued up the street, past the new homes at the corner of Third.  They had stopped by the archaeological dig on Alexander Street again today.  They had watched for a while and talked some more with the archaeologists.  It was definitely cool, Jay thought.