Vampires, Consumption and Wasting Away in the 19th Century: Review of Food for the Dead by Michael C. Bell (Hardcover: Carroll and Graf, 2001; Paperback: Wesleyan, 2015)

Oh, hello, come on in.  I’m just finishing my book review.  What?  How’s work?  It’s going pretty well.  We’ve been doing Phase 1 and 2 archaeological surveys up and down the Hudson Valley.  Catskill, Saratoga, Bethlehem, Colonie, Moreau, Stillwater, Queensbury...we’ve been here and we’ve been there, that’s for sure.

Curtin Archaeological Consulting, Inc.— Who We Are

We have been energized and excited by the circulation of our recent Facebook post, a meme asking for a little kind consideration for archaeologists who have to work outdoors in cold, winter weather.  We know this job well, we of the Northeastern U.S. Chapped Hands Archaeology Tradition.